About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Mathew Princiotto - Owner

Matthew Princiotto – Director of Operations

Matthew has over 20 years of experience leading Operations teams for corporations in the advertising industry, and has always had a desire to use his experience in the corporate world to start his own business.  When he was introduced to McKinney & Allen Home Care Assistance, he quickly realized the mission to Change the Way the World Ages was something he was passionate about and wanted to get involved with. Matthew’s passion in home health care stems from personally facing the challenges of having aging parents with Cancer and Alzheimer’s, and struggling to find the right care to meet their needs while keeping them in the comfort of their own home.  Matthew is proud to be part of the only health care solution that emphasizes active care giving and improved lives.

At Home Care Assistance, we use the Balanced Care Approach to aging, which is based on the scientific study of the longest and healthiest living population on earth emphasizing healthy nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and a purposeful and calm lifestyle.  It helps promote optimal quality of life and contributes to longer, happier, and more productive lives for older adults.  We are pleased to be able to provide this type of care in the North Collin County community and look forward to surpassing all our clients expectations.

Megan Ashworth - Client Care Manager

Megan Ashworth – Client Care Manager

As the Client Care Manager at Home Care Assistance, it gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with older adults and their loved ones. I feel blessed to be in a position to improve the lives of our clients on a daily basis, and have a career I get personal fulfillment from every single day. Each and every day I feel positively impacted by my interactions with our clients and their families, and strive daily to leave a positive impact with them as well. In my early professional career as a teacher and social worker, I learned the importance of setting clear goals, clear communication, follow up and engagement. Working alongside the school counselor at Plano Independent School District, I helped students who had challenges overcome obstacles and realize their maximum potential. I collaboratively worked with students and their families on goal setting using specific and clear objectives in an effort to help them resolve their own unique and personal struggles so they can get back on track.

My educational background in social work (both at the undergraduate and graduate level) coupled with my experience help me understand the unique needs and circumstances of each and every one of our clients. I am committed and highly passionate about helping families find the highest level of care and recommending the most appropriate home care options suitable for their circumstances. I believe in the team approach because when all the stakeholders including our clients, their families, caregivers and the care manager work together, not only are we able to provide the highest level of care, but we also ensure a lasting relationship that has a positive impact on our clients. It is my personal goal to ensure our clients are matched with the perfect caregiver – someone who they look forward to meeting each and every day!