Top 5 Devices That Promote Senior Safety

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Technological Devices for Senior Safety in Mckinney, TX

As people get older, they value their independence more than anything. With the help of a few supportive devices, it’s easier for seniors to continue living at home. Allen home care specialists discuss a few devices that help seniors with their daily activities, even if they live alone.

1. Medical Alert Bracelets and Necklaces

These devices feature an alert button to let the servicing company know if a senior needs help. The company then notifies local emergency personnel while attempting to contact the senior or his or her family. Some of these devices are equipped with fall detection in case the senior is unable to push the button.

2. Canes and Walkers

Seniors need more stability when walking to prevent falls. The ideal mobility assistance is a roller walker, which includes a seat in case the senior needs to take a break.

3. Proper Slip-On Shoes

Seniors often have difficulty bending over to put on shoes. There are special brands of shoes, which can be put on with little effort. These shoes offer the proper support, similar to a regular tennis shoe, and have a nonslip sole to help prevent tripping.

4. Shower Chairs and Tub Grips

A tub grip can give your loved one something to hold on to while entering the tub and prevent dangerous bathroom falls. Using a shower chair decreases the risk of slipping on the wet floor while bathing.

5. Lifting Recliner

When using a soft recliner, it can be difficult for some seniors to get up from a seated position. A recliner with lift assist can help your loved one relax and maintain his or her mobility.

Creating a safe home environment can boost your loved one’s health and help him or her maintain independence. At Home Care Assistance, our senior care plans can include mobility assistance, transportation, meal preparation, and light housekeeping to aid your loved one’s wellbeing. Our patent Balanced Care Method can help your loved one live a longer, happier, independent, and more balanced life. To learn about our senior care plans or to hire high-quality respite, live-in, or Alzheimer’s caregivers in Allen, you can call us at (972) 548-0392.


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