Pretty Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make with Your Senior Loved One

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Creating Centerpieces for Thanksgiving with Your Elderly Loved One in McKinney, TX

While you may have to do all the Thanksgiving cooking this year, allowing a senior to make a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece may be a great addition to your feast. Scientists know arts and crafts help stop depression, boosts mental agility and keeps stress at bay. Allen, TX, home care providers encourage seniors to create centerpieces with their loved ones in order make lasting memories and stay mentally active. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Reader’s Digest Pilgrim Boy

Seniors can easily create a Reader’s Digest pilgrim boy or girl. This craft is very inexpensive for those who are living on a tight budget. Start with two Reader’s Digest magazines. Open them to the halfway point. Grab the bottom right corner and fold it to the middle making a firm crease. Then, grab the upper right corner and do the same. Continue until all the pages on both magazines have been folded. Glue the covers of the two magazines together. Spray paint the magazines black. Cut a cardboard circle the size of the base and attach it to the bottom with glue. Add a doll’s head to the top. You can add other accessories cut from construction paper.

Maize Centerpiece

Since grocers carry decorative maize around Thanksgiving, seniors and part-time Allen caregivers can use it to create a colorful centerpiece that reminds people of the bounty of the very first Thanksgiving. Simply grab several ears of maize and pull the husks straight up. Then, tie a piece of raffia around the maize. Position on the table so that the tips of the maize are touching the table. This craft is so simple that even people who have a hard time with longer projects should be able to complete it easily.

Chicken Wire Cornucopia

Cornucopias make a lovely addition to any Thanksgiving table. You can help a senior easily fashion one out of burlap and chicken wire. Start by forming the chicken wire into a cornucopia shape. You can cut the chicken wire to the size that fits your needs the best. Then, cover the chicken wire with burlap held in place with raffia. Place the finished cornucopia in the middle of the table and fill the end with seasonal produce like apples, miniature pumpkins and cranberries. You can use either real produce or plastic ones.

Helping your senior loved one create a Thanksgiving centerpiece is a wonderful way to let him or her participate in the holiday. You will enjoy the experience together as you laugh and craft your masterpiece. Learn more about ways to keep your loved one socially and mentally active throughout the year by calling Home Care Assistance at (972) 548-0392. Our specialized Allen, TX, dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke care encourages seniors of varying abilities to lead active lives. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a friendly Care Manager.


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