Important Things to Remember While Caring for an Incontinent Senior

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Ways to Take Care of an Incontinent Senior in McKinney, TX

Caring for an incontinent senior can be one of the most challenging things that a family member or McKinney home care provider may have to do during their lives. It is often uncomfortable for both the senior and the caregiver. The following advice may help make things a little easier.

Talk Openly

If the senior does not require McKinney Alzheimer’s or dementia care, then talk to him or her about how you are feeling. Give your loved one plenty of space to express his or her own emotions too. It often helps to start these conversations in front of a caring primary care physician or a counselor. A check-up sometimes reveals that a simple medical problem such as a urinary tract infection is causing the incontinence.

Consider Clothing Choices

The clothing that the senior wears can make a huge difference in whether he or she can get to the restroom in time. Instead of tight buttoning fly pants consider athletic pants for men or housedresses for women so that the person can easily get his or her clothes out of the way when he or she must use the commode.

Remove Obstacles

If there are doors or furniture located between where the person usually sits and the bathroom, then consider rearranging the furniture in the house. Sometimes, getting a bedside commode or a urinal makes it easier for the person to go, especially at night.

Consider Skin Care

Allowing a person to sit in urine or feces for several hours can cause the skin to break out in a serious rash that can result in even more serious medical problems. Therefore, make sure to check for skin redness or sores on a regular basis.

Take a Break

Caring for an incontinent senior can be challenging. Give yourself a break by asking a family member or trusted friend to come in and relieve you occasionally. This gives you time to get away, even if it is just to go to the library to get a new book or to the coffee shop for a quick cup of coffee. 

If a friend or family member is not available, turn to Home Care Assistance of McKinney. We provide flexible respite care McKinney families can trust to look after their senior loved ones while they take the time they need for themselves. Call (972) 548-0392 today to learn more about our services and set up a free consultation.


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