Effective Knee Exercises for Older Adults with Arthritis

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Effective Knee Exercises for Older Adults with Arthritis

Many seniors complain about their knees hurting due to arthritis pain. A great way for live-in and Allen home care professionals to help seniors avoid this problem is by encouraging them to do knee exercises. In addition to stopping knee pain, these exercises can help build lean muscle mass, reduce blood pressure, increase insulin resistance and lower total cholesterol. When seniors do the knee exercises below, they may discover that their lower backs hurt less as well.

Glute-Hip Marches

Encourage your senior to stand behind a straight chair. Have him or her grab ahold of the chair for balance while bending his or her right knee back as far as it will go. Have the senior exhale as he or she lifts his or her leg and inhale as your loved one puts the leg back down. Repeat 10 times on each leg. As this becomes easier, try to get your loved one to let go of the chair and add ankle weights.

Lower Back and Upper Back Stretches

Have the senior stand with his or her back against the wall and place the feet shoulder width apart a short distance away from the wall. Now, have the senior slide down the wall as far as he or she is comfortable. Allen care professionals need to encourage seniors to hold the sitting position for a few seconds and then slide back up the wall. Seniors can try to hold the seated position for as long as possible. They can also try to increase the intensity of this exercise until they can do 10 repetitions.

Chair Exercises

Have your senior loved one sit in a chair with a straight back with his or her feet flat on the floor. Now, have your loved one lift his or her right leg in front, exhaling as he or she does. Seniors need to try to hold the position for as long as possible before slowly putting the leg back on the floor, inhaling as they do. Encourage the senior to work up to 10 repetitions on each leg.

Partial Squats

Encourage the senior to stand behind a sturdy straight-back chair. While holding on to the chair with both hands, encourage them to bend at the knees while inhaling. Then, have him or her return to an upright position. Encourage the senior to work up to 10 repetitions.

Positive Straight Leg Raises

Have the senior lie on the floor with his or her right leg bent up at a 45-degree angle. Now, encourage your loved one to raise the left leg as high as the right knee. Have your loved one hold the lift as long as possible and return it slowly to the floor. Repeat on the other side. Encourage your senior to work up to 10 repetitions.

Exercise isn’t just important for staving off arthritis pain. It’s also the cornerstone for seniors to live active and vital lives. With help from Home Care Assistance, seniors learn healthy lifestyle choices such as healthy diet and daily exercise to promote vitality and longevity. Call (972) 548-0392 today to learn more about our services and how we can customize them to meet your loved one’s needs.


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