Dependable Live-in Care for McKinney & Allen Seniors

As your elderly loved one ages, there may come a time when he or she faces health-related challenges that make it dangerous to live alone at home. Your loved one may be at risk of falling, forgetting to take medications, or a variety of other dangers that can be prevented with professional supervision. Though some families choose to move their aging loved ones into assisted living facilities, many seniors prefer continuing to live in their familiar home environment. At Home Care Assistance of McKinney, TX, and Allen, TX, we are dedicated to providing around-the-clock care that helps seniors enjoy a higher quality of life while aging in place safely and comfortably.

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Our Balanced Care Method Encourages Healthy Lifestyle Choices

When your loved one receives live-in or 24-hour care, it’s important to think ahead and plan for long-term solutions to promoting his or her health. Many seniors need to make significant changes in their daily habits to give them a greater chance of living longer and healthier lives, and Home Care Assistance in McKinney & Allen has developed a program specifically for this purpose. The Balanced Care Method (BCM) encourages seniors to focus on various lifestyle factors that can help them remain healthy and independent while living at home. These factors include engaging in mentally stimulating activities, eating well, exercising regularly, maintaining strong social ties, and finding a sense of calmness and purpose. All of our caregivers are trained in BCM, and it is included at no additional charge with any of our live-in and 24-our care plans.

Families Trust Our Live-in and 24-Hour Caregivers

Many families find it difficult to relinquish their caregiving duties and allow someone they don’t know to come to the home and take over these important responsibilities. We McKinney & Allen Home Care Assistance believe it’s crucial for your family to feel comfortable allowing a new person to provide care for your loved one, and we want you to be just as confident in our live-in and 24-hour caregivers as we are. We require all of our caregivers to have experience in the senior home care industry, and we also conduct extensive background checks to screen each caregiver. Their education doesn’t end with prior experience. Our caregivers also undergo continued training at our Home Care Assistance University to ensure they stay up to date on the latest developments in elderly care. When hiring a live-in or 24-hour caregiver from Home Care Assistance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing an expertly trained and trustworthy professional is caring for your loved one.

Home Care Assistance McKinney & Allen’s number one goal is providing a safe and comfortable home environment for seniors. If you’re interested in learning more about our high-quality live-in and 24-hour care, call (972) 548-0392 to request a no-obligation consultation. Our friendly Care Managers are available 24/7 to take your call and discuss options for your loved one’s care.

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