4 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Aging Loved One

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Crafts Seniors Can Make for V Day in Mckinney, TX

Valentine’s Day is not just for kids or young romantics. It is also a holiday seniors can celebrate. This season of love, engage your aging loved one in activities such as crafting to help you two bond and share love and keep him or her active and mentally alert. While providing home care, McKinney caregivers have suggested a few wonderful craft ideas you and your senior loved one can try out.

1. Heartfelt Coffee Cup Cozy

This project is simple, and your senior loved one may want to make several for his or her friends. Start with a tall coffee cup with straight sides and without a handle. Wrap a piece of red felt around it and cut off the extra, leaving ¼ inch for a seam, then cut out felt hearts from white felt and use hot glue to attach them to the red felt. Finish by stitching up the seam and sliding over the top of the coffee cup.

2. Heart Pot Holders

Cooks will be thrilled when your senior loved one makes a heart-shaped pot holder. Start by drawing a large heart on a piece of thin cardboard and cutting it out, then use the template from two coordinating pieces of fabric. You can even cut the heart shape from a piece of lightweight cotton batting. Sandwich the three pieces together and sew around the outside. Finish the project by adding a thin piece of bias tape around the outside.

3. Teacup Candles

Teacup candles are easy to create, and they can make a beautiful decoration item in your loved one’s home or a gift item. Start with buying a teacup from a thrift store. Put some wax in an old coffee can and place it in a pot of water, then allow the wax to melt over medium-high heat. Add a red crayon or two to the wax to provide color, and tie a wick around a pencil, positioning it across the middle of the cup. Then, carefully pour the hot wax into the cup until it is almost full. Allow the wax to cool and enjoy the candle.

4. Candy and Red Roses Vase

Start with two vases. One should be slightly shorter and narrower than the other. Set one vase inside the other and fill the outside vase with red hot candies. Finish by putting a pretty arrangement of red roses in the inner vase. 

Aging adults often need some encouragement and assistance with many everyday and seasonal activities. If your senior loved one needs some assistance with his or her daily routine, call Home Care Assistance. We offer high-quality respite care McKinney families can count on. To create a customized senior care plan for your loved one, get in touch with one of our friendly Care Managers at (972) 548-0392.


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